We Want To Clean Your Rugs!

Posted by Roddy Yazdanpour on

I strongly encourage you to try us out for the cleaning of your Hand-made and/or machine made carpets.  We take pride in the excellent work that we do, and our prices are the lowest you will find.  With 25 years of experience, we have cleaned every type of rug you can imagine, from expensive Antique carpets, to your run of the mill.  We understand the physics of a Hand-made carpet and we understand where the dirt goes and how to extract the fine silt and dirt that acts as glass that chips away at the foundation of your carpet.  Animal micturition is one of the biggest reasons why people roll up their carpets and put them away in storage.  We can remove the animal urine and bring the value back to your carpet so you can once again enjoy your beautiful work of art!  No pick up and delivery fee!

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