Services: Oriental Hand-knotted or Machine made rug Cleaning & Repair

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RUG Curator operates the premier Rug Restoration facility in the U.S.  Whether it's a 19th century Persian Ferahan or a 19th century Native American Chief's Blanket, we can bring your carpet back to life and restore its value. We reweave holes, reweave scattered wear, repair moth grazing, fix slits, tears, straighten a rug if its crooked, remove puckering, cut out dry rot and reweave, remove color bleeding, overcast the ends, and do binding on the sides.  We have a large inventory of antique wool that we have curated over the last 30 years to use to fix your rugs. We can return a badly damaged hand-woven pile or flat-woven rug to it's original condition!  Our rug restoration specialists are familiar with every type of weaving imaginable and understand the characteristics of a regions weaving technique. We can replicate what the weavers did 150 years ago! Some rugs and textiles are not worth restoring, and if you are not sure, we will gladly advise you.

Cleaning   208-433-0312      25% off special going on now through the rest of summer! Save hundreds of dollars and get it cleaned right the first time! Nobody knows rugs like RUG Curator!


FACT!  Did you know an area rug can hide up to 1 pound of dirt per square foot without you even knowing it?  

In addition to operating a highly successful restoration facility, RUG Curator also operates one of the best Oriental Rug cleaning services in the country.  After 25 years of experience, we know how to get the most stubborn stains and animal urine out of your beautiful hand-woven works of Art without burning or stripping the wool of its natural lanolin, or without masking animal urine with perfumes.

The first step to cleaning a rug is vibrating or 'dusting' the back to release 85% of deep embedded dirt. We do this with a machine called the Rug Badger. Harnessing over 40,000 harmonic vibrations a minute, our Rug Badger Pro will vibrate out even the most stubborn soil and sediments caught deep in the fibers of any area rug. The second step is hand scrubbing the pile with specially designed shampoo. The third step is extracting the soap and dirt loosened by the scrubbing.  It is important the rug is restored to the right PH balance. The fourth step is drying the carpet. Throughout these steps our highly trained staff can at any time notice stains and apply enzymes and other natural remedies to remove the stains. Our rates are the lowest in the country, and we aim to please.  Give us a shot, you will not regret it, I promise!

No pick up and delivery fee for a 50 mile radius of Boise.


We buy old rugs

Do you have an old Hand Knotted rug rolled up somewhere in the attic or garage that you don't need anymore?  Maybe it needs to be cleaned and repaired and you don't want to deal with it?  Maybe you just inherited an old rug that doesn't go with your decor and would like to sell it?  Maybe you have a rug that you think is so far gone that you didn't even consider showing it to a rug expert?  Give us a call or email us a picture!  We are the area's largest purveyors of Old Handwoven Oriental and Navajo rugs, blankets, textiles, saddle bags, NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS....anything handwoven and old WE BUY!  We buy entire rug collections from estates as well.  We also take rugs on consignment.  Call or Text Roddy @ 208-433-0312