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Roddy Moraad Yazdanpour has been surrounded by art from his very beginning: His Father was a Plein Air Impressionist Painter from Iran who immigrated to the US in 1964. In 1972, at the age of 6, Roddy moved to Isfahan, Iran (his Father's city), and remained in Isfahan until 1979. While in Iran, Roddy started his Rug education, as his Family was involved in weaving and collecting. He has been involved in the Hand-knotted Rug trade since 1985, based out of Boise, Idaho. He opened his first shop in 1991 called: Shabahang Persian Carpets, and his second shop in 2005 called: Yazdanpour Persian Carpets. Roddy has had extensive training in the science and art of hand cleaning area rugs, with over 26 years experience. He also has 26 years experience in Hand-Knotted rug repair as well, with an emphasis on the proper restoration of Antique rugs. After 26 years of being the source for all your Oriental Rug needs, he is still going strong, and would love the opportunity to serve you!