Persian Bakhtiari Hand-made Carpets

Posted by Roddy Yazdanpour on

People have asked me over the years what my favorite type of hand-made carpets are.  And I have to say Bakhtiari carpets are my favorite hands down.  I have not seen a region so inventive and creative as the Bakhtiari weavers. They have always been great buys because the market has always shunned Bakhtiari's in favor of Heriz carpets, or Ghashghai, or Bidjars... But then you are faced with the task of cherry picking the best Bakhtiari's.  And to do this, you have to have a perspective on these carpets. To be able to pick out the very best from the ordinary or commercial requires an eye and experience.  For an example, in 2003 I spent a month in Isfahan, and visited the Bazaar almost every day, and after looking at 500 to 700 Bakhtiari carpets, I only bought 11.  I love the wool, the dye's, the technique of the weave (and those blue wefts).... I love the Armenian Bakhtiari's, Garden Design Bakhtiari's....they can do tribal designs and very fine city designs, sometimes incorporating both styles in a carpet. The colors are so robust and happy, and you can always see different things (like when you look at a tree sometimes you might see a human face, or when you look at a cloud you can see a dog or....).  I plan on finding a lot of good Bakhtiari's for this website and offer them  inexpensively.

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