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Posted by Roddy Yazdanpour on

The evolution of Rug Curator was born out of the business philosophy 'Less is More' and 'Give the People what they want'. Operating from a store front, although convenient for some shoppers, just didn't make sense anymore and was very limiting. After 29 years of buying old rugs from private people, dealers, estate sales, and wholesalers, I had this idea to create a website as an outlet for the old rugs I'm buying.  I decided on the Brand "RUG Curator" because in essence, that's what I have been doing since 1985 based out of Boise.  But then I realized why marginalize the website to just the old rugs that I'm buying? Rug Curator offers top of the line hand-made rugs and carpets from the best manufacturers at inimitable wholesale prices to the public, WITH FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS!  Being able to offer the best rugs and carpets online at tremendous value, coupled with our 30 day in home trial, with wholesale pricing and first cabin service, is a win win situation!

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