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New Pakistan Hand-woven Antique Reproduction of a 19th Century Persian Sultanabad Carpet 11'7"x 18'4"

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Beginning in the second half of the nineteenth century, a large increase in demand for Persian rugs by Western consumers transformed a millennia old art form. During the late 19th century, in 1883, the Manchester, England, based Anglo-Swiss firm of Ziegler & Co. established a manufactory, the sole objective of which was to produce Sultanabad rugs to meet western tastes and demands. Western designers modified classical Persian designs, marking the first time westerners directly affected Persian designs (beyond influence through market demand). In step with the beginning of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Ziegler modified designs to be larger size, along with a larger rug size to suit western room specifications. Arak's palette changed, as colors were softened in an effort to appeal to housewives of Europe and America.  11'7"x 18'4"


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