Antique Persian Shekarloo Ghashghai Tribal Rug        5'8"x 9'6"

Antique Persian Shekarloo Ghashghai Tribal Rug 5'8"x 9'6"

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Antique Persian Shekarloo (sub-tribe) Ghashghai!  A large part of the Qashqai antique carpets’ tremendous appeal in the West is the weavers’ refusal to sacrifice quality for the sake of expediency. As late as the 1940s, when the weavings of most others tribal groups had bowed to the influence of commercialism which called for more coarsely woven tribal rugs employing the much easier-to-use chemical dyes, there was almost exclusive use of natural vegetable dyestuffs and more traditional weaving techniques among the Qashqai. This attention to detail, in which each step of the weaving process was performed to perfection, is clearly seen in the tribe’s flatwoven kilims and various woven bags, both of which have received attention and admiration equal to their pile rugs. For a tribe which is on the move between summer and winter pastures at least four months a year, conveniently carried kilims and durable storage bags are of central value. For a people who view their daily life as sacred, everything used in their day-to-day activity deserves to express its maker’s highest aspirations.    5'8"x 9'6"


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