Antique Persian Jozan Sarouk Rug

Antique Persian Jozan Sarouk Rug

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Turn of the century Jozan Persian Sarouk! This type of Sarouk Rugs were mostly exported to Europe!  Sarouk rugs are among the most coveted of Persian carpets.  Aside from stunning aesthetic, amazing durability, collector appeal – Here’s more as to why:  Sarouk has a long established line of continuous production with most easily attributed weaving from the early 1800’s to present day. Sarouk carpets and those woven in and around the area of Sarouk have evolved, much like the rugs of Kerman.  Sarouk rugs of the 1800’s such as Farahan Sarouk, Josan Sarouk and Malayer Sarouk, each branching into their own individual flavor and transition. The most easily traceable evolution is perhaps those of workshop type carpets, the line of Farahan Sarouk rugs.  In the late 1800’s the Farahan Sarouk transitions into Mohajeran Sarouk.  Mohajeran Sarouk then inspires American and European Sarouk.   4'4"x 6'8"


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