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Antique Original Persian Kerman That Inspired so Many to Copy 9'6"x 13'6"

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This is the Original Kirman or Kerman (depending on how you spell this Persian city) that inspired the Machine Made company 'Karastan' (and others) to copy!  Karastan made this design very popular as they must have sold tens of thousands.....  This beauty is from 1910-1920's and measures 9'6"x 13'6".  It has a wonderful all over design with great deco colors like Pistachio green, subtle pinks, burgundy's, blues, camel, and other colors.  The wool is from the hearty Persian Fat Tail breed of sheep which is unique and indigenous to the Persian Plateau.  Woven by the very skilled weavers of the ancient city of Kerman, which is also the capital of the province with the same name.        9'6"x 13'6"


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