Antique Persian Serab Village Rug            3'10"x 5'8"

Antique Persian Serab Village Rug 3'10"x 5'8"

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A beautiful Antique Persian Serab!  The best antique rugs and carpets utilizing undyed camelhair are quite rare, as they represent a limited production of just a handful of the rug weaving villages and tribal encampments of the mountainous district of Northwest Persia. Prized camelhair yarn, often spun from the wool of the weaver’s own camels yields an exceptionally soft and glowing earth tones, and like top quality sheep’s wool, it is very strong and resilient to wear. Color striations, known as abrash, yield a surprisingly wide range of earth tone hues from blonde to wheat to walnut and even chocolate brown, greatly enhancing the aesthetic of this style of antique carpet.   3'10"x 5'8"


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