Antique Persian Heriz Village Carpet           8'7"x 11'3"

Antique Persian Heriz Village Carpet 8'7"x 11'3"

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Primitive Antique Persian Heriz!  Once asked how she chose the colors to be used for her rug, a Heriz rug weaver pointed at the sunset that was just occurring. Certainly, the antique Heriz rug makers were consummate masters of vegetable dyeing. While the Heriz rugs of the last 20-40 years are often chemically dyed, with the best using a mixture of natural and chemical, older antique Heriz carpets tend to have been made with pure vegetable dyes. These have mellowed and attained a wonderful patina with age. The technique of abrash, or intentional variation within one color tone, is masterfully used in the finest antique Heriz rugs. The well-developed technique of double or even triple outlining, which also distinguishes the best Heriz antique rugs, creates remarkable strength and depth of color and design.               8'7"x 11'3"


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