Antique Persian Luri Kilim From The 1920's. 5'10"x 12'6"

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A stunning example of a Luri Kilim from the 1920's. The size is 5'10"x 12'6", perfect for that long and wide hallway, or......!  Produced in very small numbers, Luri are among the scarcest of the antique South Persian tribal rugs. Rugs in this nomadic style were only woven in area size dimensions.  As with other southwest tribal groups, the patterns are highly geometric, but tend to be larger in scale than either Qashqai or Arab Khamseh carpets. Brilliant colors predominate, and while Luri rugs most often show a tendency toward dark blue backgrounds, this is by no means universal. Like many tribal rugs from the 19th century, Luri have a soft, floppy handle.


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