Antique-Vintage Turkish Bergama Village Rug Circa 1940's 4'10"x 6'9" SOLD

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A beautiful 1940's Turkish Bergama village rug which was first recorded in the paintings of Holbein in the 17th century.  Although the eight pointed star medallion design originated in the 15th-17th century, Turkish villages in the Bergama district still continued to weave these rugs (albeit a watered down version of the originals...) clear into the 20th century and even 21st.  Although this rug is not perfect, it is in remarkably good condition, and priced accordingly.  We would be happy to send this rug to Iran to our overseas repair facility on behalf of who ever bought this rug to make it perfect. Rug is fine the way it is, and is not in danger of losing pile with normal use, although we advise to hang the rug at this point!    4'10"x 6'9"

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