Antique Persian Khamseh Tribal Rug    4'4"x 5'8"

Antique Persian Khamseh Tribal Rug 4'4"x 5'8"

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A charming Antique small Khamseh tribal rug loaded with birds!  Khamseh is the name of a confederation of five nomadic tribes of different origins who live in southern Persia near the city of Shiraz. They were united in 1862 by an important family in Shiraz in order to combat the growing power of the Qashqai confederation with whom they clashed repeatedly. Over time the majority of the Khamseh settled down and now only a small group continues with the nomadic life. The confederation was dissolved in 1950, but the word continues to be used to identify their rugs. Since the Khamseh came from different origins, their rugs are also quite distinct. However, they are all made entirely of wool and have geometric patterns. The quality and shine of the wool can vary, as can the density of the knots.    4'4"x 5'8"


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