Antique Turkish Bergama Tribal Rug         4'8"x 5'9"

Antique Turkish Bergama Tribal Rug 4'8"x 5'9"

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Hard to find 1890's Turkish Bergama! 

Bergama Rugs - The fine wool-on-wool Turkish rugs woven in Bergama used only the finest quality fleece. Kazak-influenced Bergama carpets are often identified by their distinctive red wefts. Their varied styles include compartmental medallions, directional prayer niches, Kuba-style Leshgi stars and Memling guls. The local carpet-weaving tradition in Bergama began before the 1300's and continued through the 20th century.

Historically, Bergama was one of Anatolia's wealthiest cities and an influential carpet producer. The decorative elements featured in Turkish Bergama carpets undoubtedly inspired the Old Masters. Designs found in these historic carpets are inextricably associated with European painters, including Lotto, Memling, Bellini and Holbein, whose names have come to describe these iconic designs.

Each Bergama carpet features a stunning array of traditional symbols that have a universal meaning that transcends national borders. The style, color and symbolism of these unique Turkish carpets make them popular design pieces. These colorful rugs embody years of superstition and culture that are carefully represented through the use of artistic devices. Superficially, Bergama carpets are highly decorative, but they are also made from fine materials and packed with powerful symbols that contribute tangible and intangible qualities to these sophisticated pieces. Although Bergama rugs feature tribal designs and decorative symbols that have rustic, ethnic sensibilities, they are equally suited for contemporary and classically modern interiors.

Bergama rugs (alt. Bergamo carpets) are made in the historic town of Bergama in northwest Turkey. The style of these rugs is neither Greek nor Turkish but rather resembles Kazaks and Gendje rugs of the Caucusus. The large bold geometric patterns are highly varied. The palate is typically brick red, dark blue and white although older rugs have some green and yellow. The pile is luxurious, long and silky. These antique rugs have woven bands of red, blue or red-and-blue stripe at the ends and are often square with either formal or tribal influences

4'8"x 5'9"


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