Antique Persian Sarouk Ferahan Rug    4'1"x 6'5"

Antique Persian Sarouk Ferahan Rug 4'1"x 6'5"

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Gorgeous turn of the century Sarouk Ferahan!  Ferahan Oriental rugs originated from the Ferahan plain in the Arak district between Hamadan and Tehran, which is one of the most fertile, agriculturally productive areas in Persia. The antique Ferahan rugs have tribal roots, but since they were primarily produced for a wealthy urban clientele, they developed a style more closely aligned with the rich floral detail of classical antique Persian rugs. Their multi-lobed medallions owe much to the Tabriz tradition, while their palmettes and other floral motifs exhibit the influence of the nearby Sarouk weavers. The resultant fusion created a never-to-be-repeated hybrid style of elegance through simplicity.    4'1"x 6'5"


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