Antique Moghan Caucasian Tribal Rug    4'x5'6"

Antique Moghan Caucasian Tribal Rug 4'x5'6"

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Antique Moghan rugs and carpets were produced in the Caucasus and in the Trans-Caucasian region of Northwestern Iran. These exceptional and distinct antique Oriental rugs are noted for their distinct and alluring style, which relies heavily on regional tribal aesthetic ideals. Similar to Shasavan rugs, which were also historically woven in the Trans-Caucasian of Northwestern Iran, Moghan rugs and carpets have more in common with Caucasian rugs than they do with Persian rugs. Generally speaking, antique Moghan rugs and carpets from the Caucasus are characterized by compositions of geometric figures, arranged in deliberate and precise ways.    4'x 5'6"


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