Antique Square Navajo Crystal Eye Dazzler Rug           6'x 6'4"

Antique Square Navajo Crystal Eye Dazzler Rug 6'x 6'4"

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A beautiful, tightly woven Antique Crystal Navajo rug in a Square size with the Eye Dazzler pattern.

 As the 19th century drew to a close, the Navajo weavers began to produce the Eye Dazzler blankets, distinguished by newly available, vibrant colors and by stunningly intricate designs. They capitalized on new chemical dyes produced in United States' factories and from vibrant four-strand yarns machine-spun in Germantown, Pennsylvania, mills. They wove the colors into an array of geometric shapes, including, for instance, rectangles, diamonds, triangles, serrated edges and crosses, nearly always with a finely tuned sense of balance and harmony. "Dismissed by rug traders as too garish for commercial sales," according to the University of Miami's Lowe Art Museum Internet site, the "eye-dazzler blankets [nevertheless] were widely accepted and worn by the Navajos."

Near the end of the 19th century, the Navajo weavers confronted a new phenomenon—overwhelming competition, from companies like Pendleton and Hudsons Bay, who could make good colorful blankets at a much lower cost. Resourceful and adaptable as always, the Navajo weavers – capitalizing on the marketing knowhow of traders like Lorenzo Hubble of the Ganado Trading Post in northeastern Arizona and J. B. Moore of the Crystal Trading Post of northwestern New Mexico – turned to the business of making rugs.

After a long struggle, the weavers have redefined their craft and their markets, developing rugs with designs that may reflect the influences, not only of their people, but also of their nearby trading posts or communities or of more universal design concepts. They gave rise to an evolutionary process that continues to this day, sometimes incorporating even pictorial themes such as deities, seasonal events, reservation scenes, wildlife and patriotic motifs.


6'x 6'4"


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