Antique Caucasian Kazak Tribal Rug

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A beautifully drawn 1880's Caucasian Kazak. Antique Caucasian rugs are collected because they are considered to be pure rugs: nothing inspired the weavers except for their own imagination. Isolated in the rugged mountains from Iran to Chechnya, lives a multitude of ethnic people who never traveled very far, which is why the rugs these people weave have remained so distinct from the rest of the weaving world.  The finest 19th century Kazak rugs are long prized by connoisseurs of Caucasian rugs. Kazak is in the Republic of Armenia, directly to the north west of Lake Sewan. “In weaving terms, Kazak is probably the most famous area in the Caucasus, for the best of the rugs produced there…combined stunning geometric designs with fabulous colors derived from high quality dyes. It is possible to attribute some weavings from this area to specific villages, but when a piece cannot be precisely identified it is known simply as a Kazak or by reference to the design”.   4'x 7'8"


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